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Our yearly budget is relatively low, thanks to all team and board members who work voluntary and some companies providing their services for free. For the unavoidable expenditures we are grateful for the support by two different funds: Fred Foundation and Stichting de Nieuwe Waarde (New Value Foundation). 

Fred Foundation

Fred Foundation supports social initiatives that are committed to a life in harmony: with ourselves, each other and nature.Fred Foundation supports social initiatives that are committed to a life in harmony: with ourselves, each other and nature.

Stichting de Nieuwe Waarde

The New Value Foundation commits itself to sustainably improving the world for people and animals through a multi-year donation to careful partners and projects.


We are proud that many great organizations have already decided to become a partner or active supporter of OceanLove. Please contact us if you want to help us build OceanLove with your company, brand, media, fund or other organization, in your country or internationally. Together we can spread the love for the oceans on a large scale!


We are ECHT. With our people we accelerate the energy transition towards a green and sustainable blue economy using tools from transition & project management. Healthy seas are key to the sustainable blue economy, that’s why we partner with OceanLove to help them accelerate too.



Brightvibes produces videos for OceanLove and other sustainable organizations and social causes and distributes these videos through its rapidly growing social media channels.


Blyde is a PR consultancy in the Netherlands and Belgium, which focuses in particular on supporting sustainable social organizations. Blyde is a corp B certified PR agency for sustainable brands and social enterprise. The agency is on a mission to create a positive footprint worldwide.

Big Shots

A special word of thanks to the Dutch company Big Shots, which has so far made the cameras and other technology available for our video recordings.


Waymore is a company in India that has succeeded in producing high-quality clothing with recycled cotton and upcycled plastic bottles, which once floated in the ocean


Kinder focuses on ‘doing good, better’. “The world has many problems worth solving. Don’t let finding a reliable charity be one of them”, is one of their statements. Kinder evaluates every charity on its platform so that you as a donor can be sure that your money ends up well. Kinder clustered a number of organizations focused on protecting and restoring the oceans, under “Save Our oceans”. Here you can see how you can donate for us and/or other like-minded organizations

Marine Biological Association

We are proud that the Marine Biological Association (MBA) is supporting OceanLove. MBA has been around since 1884, making it one of the oldest and most respected organizations focused on ocean research and life in the oceans. More than 2000 members are involved in MBA in more than 40 countries worldwide. We are proud that MBA supports OceanLove by sharing her knowledge, including via the FACTS page. MBA also supports OceanLove promotionally, as evidenced by for instance their willingness to design the OceanLove logo for us.


The Optimist

As a media partner this magazine will support OceanLove, for instance by publishing monthly (online) and bimonthly (magazine) articles written by the OceanLove founder.

KMT House

The Egypt KMT House decided to become our Middle Eastern partner, providing us promotional support, office space and more. Visit Page

JOIN– as a brand, company, fund, organization

We are happy to work with many more partners for the campaign, financing, and further growth of OceanLove. We give you beautiful content in return, love, commitment, visibility through our media, and above all measurable impact. Please email us to so we can get to know each other and discuss possible cooperation!