With photographers, poets, divers, videographers, biologists, activists, and storytellers OceanLove will show you the fragility and beauty of the oceans. We aim to make you fall in love with those oceans and everything that lives in them. Because you protect what you love. That’s what we truly believe.

We want to touch your heart

We also want to touch your heart so much that you want to do more to protect and restore the oceans. Did you know that the current trend of destruction can be reversed in one generation? But then we have to act and work hard from now on!

In the next 10 years

It will be a hit or miss for the oceans and the ecosystems associated with them. Devastation is spreading at a dizzying pace and yet we can still turn the tide if we manage to get into the minds and hearts of all people. We will not only have to change our own behavior but also encourage politicians and companies to make major, structural changes. The four key actions are as simple as they are complex and challenging:

  • Stop the industrial overfishing
  • Stop the climate change 
  • Stop the pollution
  • Stop the species extinction

That is why we will involve thousands of new volunteers, activists, researchers, donors, and other enthusiasts in our mission in the coming years. For this, we develop campaigns, petitions, interviews, videos, and a beautiful book.

You can read much more

About our dream in our brochure. The people mentioned in the brochure have of course not all been approached yet, because we have just started! And to realize the full OceanLove dream, we also need your involvement. Are you building with us? Please join! The oceans can really use your passion!