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Several top photographers, including photographers who have won international awards and are published in National Geographic, among others, have already been found willing to make photos available for OceanLove. Below we will show you a series of photos from a number of photographers, so that you can get an idea of ​​the beauty that we will share with you in the coming years via our media and the final OceanLove book.

Floris Leeuwenberg

Floris is an Amsterdam-based photographer and filmmaker who made more than 150 stories from countries around the world, from the Sahara to Iceland and from Mongolian Wrestlers to top Italian designers. Floris produced ten books, several documentaries, he’s a World Press Award winner and publishes in many magazines, including National Geographic.

Fadia al-Abbar

Fadia is a young but already experienced marine ecologist, with a research background in dolphin behavior (Masters Degree in Marine Ecology). She currently is for her PhD in the Azores (Portugal) on behavioral changes of Common dolphins to tourism activities, to protect dolphins and whales.

Frits Meyst

Frits graduated in 1992 from the Royal Academy of Arts in The Hague (Netherlands) as a documentary photographer. His images are published in major international magazines and newspapers, such as Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, Stern, Paris Match. Crown on his work was the Silver Camera Award, for the best press photo of the year (1991). Frits: “Trekking, climbing mountains, paragliding, sea kayaking makes me explore my limits. Through my outdoor activities, I realize the strength of nature and that makes me humble.”

Hengki Koentjoro

Hengki is an accomplished photographer, living and working in Indonesia. He’s specialized in capturing the spectral domain that lies amidst the shades of black and white. Exploring along the borderlines of light and shadow, yin and yang. Celebrating complexity in the minimalist. Diving into the spiritual in the physical. Hengki: “Photography can never be separated from the aspects of making the common things unusual, welcoming the unexpected, indulging and embracing ourselves with the joy of photography” And about OceanLove: “It will be an honor to collaborate with you and your cause. I’m an ocean lover, so much that most of my photography always focuses on the deep blue sea above and under. It would be great if I can participate with the OceanLove agenda.” Well, but of course, the honor is actually clearly ours, Hengki!

Aja Radl

Aja is living and working on Bonaire, a tropical island in the Caribbean Sea, Latin America. Her work ethos is “Capturing life. Creating art.” Aja is passionate about close-up underwater photography and ‘macro nature’: the art of capturing details of a subject that the naked eye can’t see. About OceanLove she wrote; “OceanLove  is a great initiative and I am honored to be part of it. My pictures are available for the website and the future book.”


Huub Waaldijk

“I love nature and especially the ocean. I focus more on ocean photography because there is so much left to discover and not many people get a chance to see what the ocean has to offer. I want share what I have the privilege of seeing so people can have a bigger appreciation for the world and what it has to offer.” No doubt that’s also why Shane fast and wholeheartedly said “Sure” to our invitation to participate!
You’ll find more of her work on Insta: @oftheseaphotography

 Casper Douma 



“My name is Casper Douma, I’m a WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature) photographer living on the Island Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean. The oceans need our help, less pollution, no more overfishing. Through my pictures I want to show the world how beautiful the underwater world is.  We really need the oceans. Without oceans there’s no life! That’s why I joined Oceanlove.”

Nadia Aly


Nadia Aly is a young, Canadian, award winning wildlife photographer, with a focus on underwater marine life. Her primary goal is to educate people, about the diverse populations of sea creatures that exist in our oceans.

She captures their beauty and uniqueness with her camera and then publishes these photographs and videos, to raise awareness among her fast growing number of followers. Nadia supports OceanLove because she also aims to inspire people to conserve our oceans and their inhabitants.

Check out some of her beautiful pictures and videos on our website and find much more on her amazing channel: www.youtube.com/nadiaaly and follow her on Instagram: @nadia.aly.photo and get inspired too!




Juan M Guzman 38 years old (jmdiving) I am a photographer, videographer and diving instructor who dedicates his life to the sea, I live in Colombia South America and my mission is to make diving known worldwide promoting it as a tool for the conservation of our oceans, using photography and video as a link to show the wonders and problems that currently face the ocean. Faithful believer that from the audiovisual can make conservation. My studies in business administration have allowed me to articulate academic knowledge with environmental projects focused on the oceans to encourage environmental awareness in my country Colombia 🇨🇴. I travel the world carrying my camera to portray the best moments of their adventures for him the photo is that “moments” moments that immortalize dreams, problems, life, animal behavior, ocean and love.

Wojciech Dopierala

Wojciech Dopierala (34) is born and raised at the Polish countryside, where he started to dive in the rivers with his snorkel, as a 5 years old boy. In the evenings he watched videos of scuba divers showing him the ocean. As a teenager he got his first camera that made him watch closely to all the natural beauty of the countryside. No surprise he chooses to study biotechnology and now he’s a free dive teacher in Tenerife and underwater photographer for already for 7 years. All his passions came together!

Wojciech can easily dive with one breath to 60 meters deep and shoot pictures of animals and humans together, because he believes this way people can more easily relate to what they see. “If it’s only a beautiful animal in the ocean some people might think it’s another world, unreachable, far away. While when they see a fellow human with that animal they can more easily see themself connecting with that beauty in real life.”

Protection follows connection and that’s also why Wojciech supports OceanLove:

“You can tell a 1000 words, but as soon as people discover themselves they absolutely will pay attention!”




Passionate about the animal world and a natural-born adventurer. Merche has traveled the globe to share oceans and land with wild animals, capturing them in her photographs in a special and unique way. 

Her work has been recognized in international competitions such as the Ocean photographer of the year, Nature in focus, Siena Awards, Montphoto and 8th 35 Awards, among others. Moreover, she was part of the Spanish team for the 2023 World Photographic Cup, being awarded as “Best of the Nation”.

Through her images, Merche seeks to convey a vital message about the importance of conserving animals and their natural habitats.

In 2022, she worked as a mentor for the “Wildlife Photography” program at AFRISOS (African School of Storytelling) in Tanzania. A beautiful initiative that aims to create African photographers who can tell the stories of their continent.

Merche has also collaborated with 14 women photographers in the inaugural volume of the MOTHER magazine, where they seek where they seek to show the importance of nature and animals in our lives.

Zahraa ElHusseiny

My journey underwater started in my early adolescent years, being in the swimming team and travelling regularly to Sinai with my family has shaped freediving to fulfil my purpose. After being a Graphic Designer for 9 years, my career focus started to shift; and I’ve been passionately sharing my love for the underwater and peaceful breath-holding for solid 3 years. Since I started freediving in 2020, I have met incredibly inspiring clients, coaches and instructors that have shaped my freediving experience beautifully. I participated in 4 competitions so far; one pool and three depth, all while being coached by top-level coaches, taking in their wisdom and experience. It’s my mission to keep learning, innovating and sharing my knowledge with the special aquatic humans who are passionate for freediving; improving their experience underwater through a structured experience and a gentle approach.